I recently had an amazing opportunity to work with Flora Pine Home to create a cute cover for their new Podcast! I love how this little graphic turned out and it's pretty darn cool to see it live on iTunes. Keep reading below for a behind the scenes look at how we created this icon!
RESEARCH/INSPIRATION: Below you will see some of the inspiration FloraPine wanted me to use while creating their vision. They wanted to show a whimsical mix of houses, all in different styles and colors, which would be used in a social avatar and their podcast cover on iTunes. Combining their vision and my style together while staying consistent with their current branding was such a fun challenge! See the above images for more of my process...
ILLUSTRATION PROCESS - Preliminary Sketchbook Ideas: 
I like to start all projects in my sketchbook so that I can plan my general layouts, style, color palette ideas- just overall making sure everything will work well once I start creating digitally in Adobe Illustrator. Here are some original ideas I showed them, but we decided to minimalize the detail lines and go for a more geometric/simplistic look.
Here are the first solid ideas I came up with, and after sending these on to them, we discussed their thoughts on what they would like to see changed. We decided that we should move the houses closer together and fill the space more to give it a cozier vibe, and we discussed using an earthy/muted color palette for the houses.
As I started tweaking the layout and colors more, it all started to come together and I came up with a few more options to discuss. I started with a tamer green and brown color scheme, but then I decided to go bolder...I'm so glad I experimented more, the design really came alive in the final layouts. They wanted to also place their logo in there, which I think was the perfect finishing touch. 
Here is the final result after we added in some final tweaks and text! I very much love the final result, it looks so cute (not to toot my own horn, lol)! Check out the actual podcast and get excited for all the fun episodes with Ryan + Ashley of Flora Pine Home in the upcoming weeks! SUBSCRIBE HERE!

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